Carol Bailey-Medwell, J.D.

Carol Bailey-Medwell

Founder, Managing Partner, Integrative Family Law, Seattle

Carol Bailey-Medwell is the founder of Integrative Family Law PLLC, formerly Carol Bailey & Associates, PLLC. Carol has been involved with families in the legal system for over 30 years, as a Guardian ad Litem and a family law attorney and mediator in high stakes family law cases. Her experiences have led her to urge individuals clients and couples to carefully consider the approach they take to solving family law issues because both children and adults are harmed by high levels of conflict. Carol has developed practices that help focus clients on the facts critical to a solid resolution, while guiding clients away from unnecessary disputes. Carol’s insights were systematized into a curriculum she wrote and taught at Seattle University School of Law, to educate soon-to-be lawyers about the pitfalls of conflict, with methods to remain centered and focused on the well-being of each client and each family.

Carol is currently the Managing Partner of the firm and serves on the Board of Trustees of Plymouth Housing Group. She spends her free time with her husband, Steve Medwell, and their four children, traveling, horseback riding and enjoying life in places near and far.