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Elevating the legal profession through civility

Civility is a set of attitudes, behaviors, and skills that call upon us to respect others, to remain open-minded, and to engage in honest and constructive discourse. Civility benefits businesses by creating satisfied clients and reducing costs. It benefits individuals by reducing stress and promoting healthy relationships.

Civility promotes a just and healthy society by de-escalating conflict and inspiring service as volunteers. We behave civilly by actively listening to others, by understanding our own biases and assumptions, and by treating others as we would like to be treated. In order to understand our inherent biases, we need to engage in difficult but necessary conversations about race, gender, otherness, and values.

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Custom programs
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Custom Programs for the Profession

The Civility Center for Law offers a wide range of custom CLE/CJE programming options for law firms, court staff, and other organizations of legal professionals. Our consultants collaborate with other professional development organizations and speak at their conferences and programs. In addition, we work with organizations to develop a custom program or training and provide all necessary documentation for CLE/CJE accreditation.  View past programs »

Custom Programs for Law Schools

The Civility Center for Law offers custom programming for law schools. Our consultants offer services for law schools designed to increase civility and tailored for students, staff, faculty, and alumni.