Civility and Effectiveness


Excerpts from the Article

By Andrea Brenneke

Some roll their eyes and dismiss civility as superficial politeness; an unimportant manners exhortation; trivial in the face of urgent needs, injustice, violation, and ongoing crises and conflict. I invite you to consider civility as a portal to an even deeper exploration, not just of right action and doing, but of being. Perhaps civility evokes the very essence of humanity, the capacity and longing for deep and meaningful connection, the fundamental foundation of each and every human relationship that is the glue of civilization itself. The practice of civility in the face of conflict is, then, an essential practice.

About the Author

Andrea Brenneke’s passion for justice drives her employment law, civil rights, sexual harassment, and violence against women practice at MacDonald Hoague & Bayless. She facilitates restorative circles and supports communities in developing compassionate justice systems that both engage conflict and deepen connections among their members. She is also a certified LR 39.1 mediator. Brenneke was honored by her peers as one of “Seattle’s Top 152 Lawyers,” Seattle magazine, January 2005. She has been recognized as a “Super Lawyer” in Washington Law and Politics.