Civility Promise CLE/CJE for Legal Professionals in Tuscany, Italy

October 3–11, 2015

Robert’s Fund would like to thank all who came to historic and beautiful Sovana for this 8-day seminar on civility in the legal profession.

The seminar included lectures, discussions, and interactive exercises designed to foster civility, complemented by guided excursions through the nearby villages and beautiful countryside.

What participants had to say about the seminar:

"The program could not have been executed better.  Course materials facilitated pretty much immediate bonding of the group, resulting in thought provoking discussion and personal growth consistent with the goals of the program."

"What else can be said about Paula except “Awesome and Inspiring”.  She is so real and approachable and her delivery is with such passion for civility.  She is a natural wonder…"

"Craig was fantastic, a lovely person as well as a wise and insightful facilitator.  I looked forward to all of his presentations, he has a gentle strength, deep honesty and a clear way to communicate material. "

"Tim has an amazing presence while speaking.  His comments are thought provoking and his delivery is wonderful."

"I would recommend this program…it was dynamic, inclusive, and excellent in too many ways to express."

"Truly a visionary program."

Robert’s Fund offers these intensive seminars in Italy every spring and fall. Learn more about upcoming seminars in Italy