Civility Skills: The Art of Listening CLE/CJE in Seattle

March 13, 2015 

Seattle University School of Law
Seattle, Washington

Presenters Lisa Brodoff, J.D., Director, Ronald A. Peterson Law Clinic, and Associate Professor, Seattle University School of Law; Tim Jaasko-Fisher, J.D., M.A., Director of Programming and Curriculum, Robert's Fund; Paula Lustbader, J.D., President, Robert’s Fund; and Director of the Academic Resource Center and Professor, Seattle University School of Law; and Craig Sims, J.D., Chief of the Criminal Division, Seattle City Attorney’s Office facilitated this interactive and engaging CLE seminar.  During this seminar, participants' enhanced their listening skills to foster civility in the legal profession; they examined the value of listening; they explored ways in which listeners demonstrate they have heard; they identified challenges to listening; they discussed strategies to improve listening skills, and they practiced effective listening.  Click here for the Presentation PowerPoint, the handout, and a table of contents to the readings and resources.  

Based upon their experience in the seminar, participants wrote:

I was inspired by all the presenters.

I loved the participation and active learning and the opportunity to connect lawyering to the rest of my life.

This should be a mandatory CLE for every attorney.

Great dialogue and openness.  A wonderful day.

This was an awesome CLE- Thanks!