Fostering Civility in the Legal Profession

July 26, 2016

Seattle, WA

Paula Lustbader, Professor Emerita of Law, Seattle University School of Law; President of Robert's Fund and Tim Jaasko-Fisher, Robert's Fund Senior Director of Curriculum and Program Development, presented a live webcast on fostering civility in the legal profession for the Washington State Bar Association.

This 1.5-hour webcast-only event had one of the highest attendances of any Legal Lunchbox event with over 1600 registered attendees! The monthly series is targeted at members of the Washington State Bar Association.

Comments from participants included:

“I found the social and psychological research discussed as to the effects of incivility and its contagious nature to be incredibly informative. This was a particularly timely topic given the vitriolic tone of the current political campaigns.”

“Any discussion about civility is difficult because most persons, including myself, consider themselves to be civil and do not need a "Ms. Manners" refresher course. I found that the material was presented in a fresh, thoughtful manner. This presentation played to my bias in favor of speakers who present evidence based information.”

“Excellent content; of critical importance to the profession; well-presented, with a good balance of moral, practical, and philosophical considerations”

“I think every WA lawyer should be required to view this webinar – seemingly common sense approaches that unfortunately get forgotten. Really great presentation!”