Civility Skills: Understanding the impact of bias on civility in the law

June 2–3, 2016

Yakima, WA

Presenter: Tim Jaasko-Fisher, Senior Director of Curriculum and Program Development for Robert’s Fund

The Court Improvement Training Academy (CITA) at the University of Washington School of Law host bi-annual trainings for judicial officers in Washington State. They are provided to small groups, in this case 25 judicial officers, to help promote depth of understanding of the topics. This one-hour presentation was part of a larger framework being developed by CITA for developing courts that promote resilience in children, families, and professionals. The model has attracted national attention and is outlined in an article by CITA director Rob Wyman that directly notes Robert’s Fund’s work in promoting civility in the courts as an integral part of the model. The article will be published in the upcoming edition of the Juvenile and Family Court Journal.