The Foundations of Civility CLE/CJE in Seattle

August 8-9, 2014

Robert’s Fund would like to thank our wonderful participants and presenters Judge Paul Bastine, Dr. G. Andrew H. Benjamin, Professor Dave Boerner, Professor Lisa Brodoff, Justice Mary E. Fairhurst, Tim Jaasko-Fisher, Judge Eric Z. Lucas, Professor Paula Lustbader, Division Chief Craig Sims, Sumeer Singla, Susan Shulenberger, and Justice Mary I. Yu, M.A., J.D., Washington State Supreme Court.

In this 2-day intensive seminar, we explored and discussed characteristics of civility, the costs of incivility, the benefits of civility, the foundations of civility, and strategies to foster civility. Our group of engaging participants enriched the experience for all as they reflected upon the ideals of our profession, revitalized their commitment to their practice, and addressed relevant areas in their personal and professional lives to enable them to foster civility in their practice and promote justice for their clients. 

Based upon their experience in the seminar, participants wrote that:

I realized that we need to show respect and courtesy to others even if we can’t reach agreement.”

“This seminar confirmed that I need to listen and fill less space in the room as a leader.”

I plan to create a habit of focusing on the issue behind the uncivil behavior than the than the behavior itself.”

“If I have to choose between the cleverest response and the kindest response, I will go with kindness.”

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