Orion Inskip

Orion's remarks

"There’s nothing that can replace actually being together working on a project together for days and days at a time with a common goal and common interest despite the fact that you may all be coming from very different backgrounds and different practice areas and experiences. In fact those differences add a lot to the end product because everybody has their own separate piece to add to the overall picture the result of everyone participating, everybody taking part and adding their own individuality but not in a vacuum, you know the synergy of each person in their individuality added together made it obvious that the sum was greater than the parts."

"It really does validate what you really do know in the back of your mind which is those rules that [we] were brought up to follow, those rules of civility, those rules of our society. By following them you’re going to be more successful."

"The one big change that I’ve made since I’ve been back is to truly stop and take a moment. And I’m much better reminding myself to do that instead of reacting I really can stop the process and say, hey you know, let’s think about this before we move on."