Tim Kosnoff

Tim's remarks

"Well, I think like everybody um it looked like a boondoggle in Tuscany and a great way to get all 45 credits for your three-year reporting period. And it was that but it was much more than that. The Civility Promise in Tuscany was one of the best, maybe the best professional experience that I’ve had and certainly the greatest continuing legal education program I’ve ever participated in."

"And I came into it cynical and I came out of it absolutely convinced that something profound had changed in me in the way I wanted a lawyer when I got back here. And I think it happened because of the setting, it’s a beautiful, peaceful setting where a group of colleagues can get together in an informal, comfortable place and let their hair down and really expose themselves in a way that you couldn’t back home on a weekend or even on multi-day CLE. It takes you probably ten to twelve days to finally get down to where you’re ready to absorb the lessons of what you’ve been hearing."

"It is a consciousness raising experience, it’s hard to explain. It’s not just somebody talking to you um or giving you materials or information. It’s a dynamic that’s created and interaction with other participants some of whom are gonna be quite different from you and have quite different perspectives about the subject and about you and invariably there are some very powerful interactions that take place between the participants that at times could be very stressful but ultimately very gratifying because of what they illuminate and those who participate in that see that are impacted by it."