Patty Lally

Patty's remarks

"It was transformational because it changed forever how I conduct myself as a lawyer. It also gave me a much deeper appreciation for that concept of civility. For example, until that class I did not really understand the science of civility. I did not understand the correlation between being uncivil and attorneys having a very high percentage of substance abuse. I also did not appreciate incivility and the high rate for depression."

"I really started thinking about how civility has this impact in all parts of our life. It affects us mentally, it affects us physically, it affects us emotionally in our personal relationships as well as our professional relationships. That was transformational because it was in that class or shortly after that I realized I want to live a certain way and I don’t want it to be an instance or a new idea you know my diet of the weak. I wanted [it] to be a permanent transformation. I want to be the person that I respect the most and my time in that class, my time there really advanced my understanding."