Civility and Cross-Cultural Communication CLE/CJE

August 2013

Robert's Fund would like to thank all who joined us for this seminar.

A key component of civility is increasing our awareness of how our culturally based assumptions and biases influence our interactions with others. Extensive research, especially in the field of anthropology, has facilitated a better understanding of how cultural differences impact our interactions. This seminar introduced the fundamentals of civility and key research about cross-cultural understandings. It also suggested practical approaches to achieve more effective cross-cultural encounters. A key part of the presentation was devoted to building the participants’ own cultural profile and familiarizing them with the fundamental societal values that shape how people think and act. This nuanced understanding will empower them to interact more effectively with people from other cultural groups, well beyond what anecdotes and stereotypes offer.

“Excellent speakers and a good use of my time.”

“Very informative seminar, lively and creative presenters.”

“One of the best presentations I have heard in my life.”

“Opened my eyes.”

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