Civility Promise CLE/CJE for Legal Professionals in Tuscany, Italy

October 2013

Robert’s Fund would like to thank all who came to historic and beautiful Sovana for this 8-day seminar on civility in the legal profession.

The seminar included lectures, discussions, and interactive exercises designed to foster civility, complemented by guided excursions through the nearby villages and beautiful countryside.

“Most useful was the realization that civility issues (or incivility) are like the tip of the iceberg for much broader and larger personal issues.”

“In terms of fostering civility in the profession, I now feel I have the tools to improve my interactions with negotiations and people in general.”

“The program helped me to feel more whole. I feel satisfied and I feel like I have a path to my life’s purpose.”

“It was most useful that the CLE was held far away from home/practice/everyday life.”

“The best thing about the seminar is the opportunity to connect with other lawyers in a setting away from home and responsibility. The interactive exercises allow that.”

“I never expected to develop the deep and meaningful connections to the others in the seminar. This has never happened to me before, and I will always value it.”

Robert’s Fund offers these intensive seminars in Italy every spring and fall. Learn more about upcoming seminars in Italy