Civility Skills: Understanding the Impact of Bias

Washington Children's Justice Conference

May 2–3, 2016

Spokane, WA

Tim Jaasko-Fisher, Senior Director of Curriculum and Programming for Robert’s Fund, will present Civility Skills: Understanding the Impact of Bias on Civility in the Law and What to Do About It at the Washington State Children’s Justice Conference. Mr. Jaasko-Fisher will explain that justice is best served when biases and assumptions are effectively addressed. Two integral components of civility are being aware of our own biases and assumptions and being able to respond to those of others. Everyone has biases and assumptions; we need them to survive. But problems arise when we act without examining these assumptions and how they impact the way we operate in the world. Likewise, biases and assumptions that others hold can impact the choices available to us in a given situation. Developing skills to navigate these situations effectively can promote a more civil and just legal system. Sessions will be held on May 2, from 9:45-11:45 a.m., and on May 3, from 8:00am -10:00 a.m., at the Spokane Convention Center.