National Efforts to Promote a More Civil Practice of Law CLE/CJE

March 10, 2017

Incivility in the legal profession has been a rising concern across the profession. Numerous studies have documented the perceived increase in uncivil behavior and the cost such incivility extracts from individuals, the practice, and the effective administration of justice. Local, state, and national bar organizations, as well as individual firms and public offices, are engaged in efforts to promote civility in the profession. These efforts can facilitate the administration of justice. Civility improves working conditions in the profession, increases effectiveness of representation,  reduces costs for clients, and enhances the overall perception of the legal system. This CLE will explore the wide range of efforts across the nation engaging lawyers in building a more civil practice of law. We will examine ways of assessing the effectiveness of the various approaches and of measuring civility in the profession. Finally, we will develop a strategic plan for advancing a coordinated approach to civility in the law on a national scale.